Enrollment of foreign students to graduate school:

  • Foreign citizens may enter the graduate school of the Institute in the following way:
       – through the implementation of intergovernmental agreements of educational, cultural and scientific exchange;
         – In accordance with the acts of the Council of Ministers;
         – In accordance with article 95, paragraph 5 of the Higher Education Law (Upon the condition of education payment was made. The amount of payment is established by the Council of Ministers).
  • Foreign citizens are accepted to graduate school through the contest.

Documents required for the admission of foreign citizens to graduate school:

  • application to the name of the head of a scientific organization in which a graduate student wants to study. It says the suppose name of the thesis or scientific field of research;
  • curriculum vitae - a brief biography showing home and business address, telephone, fax, e-mail, level of knowledge of foreign languages;
  • copy of the high education diploma and academic record with the name of specialty, number of semesters, studying disciplines and exam scores. They can be translated into one of the officially recognized international languages (or Bulgarian) and certified by the Bulgarian consulate of the country in which the citizen applying to graduate school studied;
  • Medical certificate (translated and certified in the country of the applicant), which is issued not later than one month of the date of application for admission to graduate school;
  • 2 photographs;
  • list of publications (if exist).

Admission of foreign citizens to graduate school:

  • After receiving the documents, the candidate is considered on the meeting of the Scientific Council, at which the decision of graduate school enrollment is decided and scientific supervisor is approved;
  • Scientific supervisor is a professor or associate professor;
  • The contract is concluded between an institute and a graduate student which defines the conditions of education, financial relations, rights and obligations of both parties;
  • foreign graduate students pay for education, size of fees is determined annually and approved by the Council of Ministers.