The mission of the Virtual educational center for graduate students SRTI-BAS is to provide opportunities for young people, located in Bulgaria and abroad to make a career in science and to realize themselves in business related to promising aerospace technology.

The goals are:

  • Assist applicants (graduate students with independent form of training) in writing the dissertation for the doctoral degree in technical science (PhD);
  • Conduct remote sessions with senior students, masters in Bulgaria and abroad in the field of modern aerospace technology with the goal of development of creative abilities and then enter graduate school of SRTI-BAS;
  • distance learning of highly qualified specialists by postgraduate specialization in the field of space physics, remote studies of Earth and the planets and other advanced aerospace systems and technologies.


  • organization of distance learning of applicants to improve their academic qualification on topics (computer and information technologies in aerospace research, the method of research in the field of space physics, methods of work in writing the thesis, etc.);
  • an advertising campaign between young people in the country and abroad for the purpose of entering the graduate school of SRTI-BAS on full-time, distance learning or self-study form of studying;
  • enabling the participation of young scientists in the virtual permanent research seminars of SRTI-BAS, where the discussion of materials of doctoral dissertations is conducted;
  • the organization of virtual scientific seminars and conferences for young scientists on the subject of SRTI-BAS;
  • Organization of virtual consultations for graduate students about aerospace systems and technologies of full-time and part-time form of studying at SRTI-BAS;
  • Conduct remote trainings scientific research methodology necessary for dissertation research on the subject of SRTI-BAS;
  • Conduct remote sessions on the Bulgarian language with people living abroad and have Bulgarian origin who wish to enter to full-time (part-time) graduate school of SRTI-BAS;
  • The organization of scientific research of young scientists living abroad in the field of aerospace systems and technologies.