Virtual University for young scientists (VU), established to provide studying for Bulgarian and foreign young scientists in the field of advanced aerospace technologies, which are used in electronics, telecommunications, geophysics, meteorology, ecology and other fields. 

          VU mission – studying of youth (graduate students, masters) who want to be leaders in science and industry, studying the basics of scientific work and research to meet the needs of society in the face of increasing competition in the economy. 


  • Conduct remote sessions for graduate students, as well as masters of the institution in the country and abroad in the field of modern aerospace technology to develop creative skills and then enter graduate school SRTI - BAS;
  • help young scientists to conduct independent research in their chosen areas;
  • distance learning of highly qualified specialists by postgraduate specialization in the field of space physics, remote sensing of Earth and the planets and other advanced aerospace systems and technologies.

Main tasks: 

  • Creation of a creative technological environment, like-minded team of scientists from different generations, including renowned scientists from around the world, allowing to organize a continuous transfer of knowledge and experience to highly motivated young scientists;
  • allow young scientists to conduct research at a high level;
  • the organization of virtual scientific seminars and conferences for young scientists on the subject of SRTI - BAS;
  • conducting of advertising campaign for youth in the country and abroad for the purpose of entering graduate school of SRTI - BAS on full-time or correspondence courses or self-study form of studying;
  • The organization of scientific research of young scientists living abroad in the field of aerospace systems and technologies;
  • Conduct remote sessions on the Bulgarian language for persons living abroad and have Bulgarian origin who wish to enroll in full-time (part-time) form of studying in graduate school of SRTI - BAS.

      Education in Virtual University conducted on Bulgarian, Russian and English languages. Classes begin on October, the 1th

          Individual consultations conducted throughout the year.
          Tuition fees are in agreement and in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation.